I Know It’s Time To Leave.

This poem, phew… I almost cried writing this because it is so, so personal. I wrote this thinking about that exact moment when you realize that you are no longer needed in somebody’s life and that it is time to just disappear or fade into the distance because, sometimes, that’s just how life is. I wrote the poem thinking about how you could have the strongest bond with someone and yet you can feel it slipping away from you, despite which you’d do nothing because you don’t see yourself being a part of that equation anymore. It’s a pretty heavy feeling and it is something that a lot of people can relate to, as well, unfortunately. I decided that this would be a good emotion to explore in my poem.

Happy (or not) reading! Xx

When the pages have yellowed
On the letters that we wrote
And all our words an illegible mess,
When it comes to a halt,
Would you still recall
All the moments we spent?

In all the laughter and joy,
In the comforting quiet,
And in all the tears we shed,
At the crack of the dawn
And in the middle of night,
All the stories we shared—

Would you let them all fade?
Would they mean the same
To you, when I’m no longer around?
And when it’s time for me to go,
Would you forget all about me
The very moment I’m gone?

When the leaves have all dried
And the chill sets in,
Would you miss my embrace?
When all the tears have been cried,
After all the goodbyes,
Would you still think of my face?

And when my life is in boxes,
Would you keep it or toss it?
Or would you give it all away?
Would you wear in a locket
In that chain around your neck
Some sentimental keepsake?

When it’s time to let go,
And I’m someone you used to know,
Would you hold on to what was ours?
I’d mean nothing anymore,
I wish it wasn’t so,
But it’s written in the stars.

When it’s my time to leave,
Time to go like I’d never been,
I’ll disappear into nothing
There’ll be no traces,
Nothing to remember me by,
Nobody to remember me.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Lubov’ Birina on Unsplash

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