What’s Chill?

I decided to take the day off of any kind of work today because I had been exhausted after the last few weeks. But here’s the thing. Somehow, all the responsibilities only begin to pile up on you on the one day you decide to stay away from work. Some might say it is the guilt of not wanting to lie around and be useless. But it’s just the fact that we are so lost in our work on the busy days that we lose track of how many things we actually take upon ourselves.

And the minute you decide to actually take the day off work and you have the free time to look at yourself from a clear-headed perspective, you realize that there is just so much going on, and somewhere along the way, you’ve lost the entire point of taking the day off anyway. I cannot believe I only got the time to write after 11PM today, and it was supposed to be a day off work. Somehow, I feel more exhausted today than I would have felt after a day of actual work, and I cannot figure out why.

Always remember to assert your boundaries and understand the limit of things you can take upon yourself. You might feel like a superhero at times and you might feel pretty much invincible during the days when things are going really smoothly for you, but the exhaustion eventually does catch up, and it catches up fast. And when it does finally hit you, you have no idea how to deal with it, and sleeping definitely does not help.

We are all caught up in whatever changes we’re going through, and even though we’re working from our own homes right now, it feels like we’re doing a lot more work than we ever were, for some odd reason.

The odd reason being that we’re also mentally trying to stay sane and hold onto whatever little sanity we have left after everything we’ve been wrung through lately.

Allow yourself the downtime you need and remind the people around you that their jobs aren’t going to love them back, hug them, and comfort them during their emotional turmoils. Yes, duty is one thing, but if it comes at the cost of you having to compartmentalize your own emotions until you no longer know what to feel anything about, it means you’re disrespecting your own boundaries.

Let yourself heal. Xx

Featured Image by SOULSANA on Unsplash

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