A Work Well Done.

I’ve spent the entire week so far working day and night to make the deadline for a work-related project. I realized, once I began writing, that I was more than just capable of doing. It has taken me so long to land a project that I actually was excited about and I am pretty sure that I gave it my one hundred percent.

The only thing that made me happier today than a job well done is the confidence I had in my own work to just submit the project before any second thoughts could cloud my judgement. I think it is so important to have that kind of faith in yourself because when you’ve spent so long working on something you’re genuinely passionate about, it’s always surprising that the work seems a lot easier than it should be.

There is always the fear that something is easy only because we’re doing everything wrong. Kind of like high school math– if it’s easy, you’re probably doing it all wrong. But not everything in life is like high school math. I think we’re conditioned to believe that nothing is ever easy; and if it is easy, it might not be worth it. But I think that’s taking the wrong approach to things.

I think we should tell ourselves more often that something is easy because it is something we are passionate about. It might not actually be easy, as in, ‘anyone can do that’, but just easy, as in, ‘I think this is something I am good at, so this is easy for me’. We should remind ourselves that we are a lot more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

And, for all we know, we might have accomplished things that were way more difficult than what we’re currently handling. Nobody ever knows how to deal with such things, but we all learn one step at a time, right?

Be patient with yourself and tell yourself that you’re doing so well. And when tomorrow comes, remind yourself again. Remind yourself until it sticks. Xx

Featured Image by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash

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