What Sparks Joy.

I’m going full-on Marie Kondo and throwing out everything that does not spark joy in my life. And a word to the wise? You should, too!


For so long, I’ve been working with everything I have in me towards something I so dearly love— writing.

And of course, nothing good ever comes easy. There’ll be naysayers whose sole purpose is to try and bring people down because they wished they could do better than they are right now. But not letting their words have any kind of power over you takes a high level of maturity. Because you know better than to indulge them!


Life is too short for us to be wasting away doing something that we don’t love for the sake of ‘what will people say?’. Honestly, no one’s got the time to poke their nose into what you’re doing or what you should be doing. And give me one good reason why you shouldn’t do what you love? Let me know if you can ever find one.

I believe that all of us have that one thing that we love doing the most, one thing that we’re most passionate about. What meaning will there be to our lives if we choose to do anything but that just for the sake of material things like fame or money? For me, that one thing happens to be writing and reaching out to people far and wide, with comforting and honest words.

i love my job.gif

So, if you’re looking for a sign to trash things that don’t ‘spark joy’ in your lives and chase what you truly love, this is it! Go for it, and don’t ever look back. It’s never too late to work for your goals.

You can do this!

Cheerio! Xx

Hey, guys! I hope you liked my post, so let me know if you did in the comments below. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.


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