Eyes wide awake and sparkling,
Unknown to me, a smile creeps in;
A funny little flicker of warmth in me
Springs forth like a flame burns brightly,
And from the fire, I feel arise
Inside me a million butterflies.

A feeling so fleeting and fluttering,
My heart beating and my words stuttering–
I’m speechless when it comes to you,
I wonder if you have a single clue
Of what you do to me, mind and soul,
And if I could, I’d give you my heart as a whole.

For all the colour and glory you bring me,
I could swear you’re a beautiful reverie
And every verse about you feels incomplete,
For nothing could ever do you justice sweet.
You’re my daydream, the most beautiful one,
You’re the flowers in full bloom under the Sun.

And I’m the butterfly forever drawn to you,
You’re the one I’d go back to–
Simple things that I wish you knew,
Things I could never bring myself to tell you.
But here and now, I put this into words,
A poem that’ll be sung by songbirds.

And every word you say sends this rush inside,
A feeling I couldn’t hide, no matter how I tried,
Your words would always give me butterflies,
A smile on my face as the colour on my cheeks rise—
I’m in love with you madly, can you tell?
I never felt these butterflies until for you I fell.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Christine Wehrmeier on Unsplash

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