The Vow.

As pen to paper I took, words eluded me,
You’d think I ran out of thoughts of you,
But I ask myself how that could be
When thinking of you is all I ever do?
In every love song, it’s you who I see,
Is endless longing what our love has come to?
‘It’s only a matter of time,’ people tell me;
If only I could tell if that was true.

Your words to me, I read every day,
Your song, it plays on a loop for hours.
‘Come back, I miss you’, I want to say,
‘And all the time in the world could be ours’.
But alas! You had to be so far away,
And so they come down like crashing showers,
All of the emotions I had kept at bay,
And a fresh pang of longing springs like flowers.

There’s no end to the verses I’d write about you,
No number of words that’d do you justice,
You’re the most glorious art, I wish you knew,
I wish there were a more subtle way to say this.
You’re the cold, gentle morning dew,
And somehow you’re also the quiet bliss—
Anything life throws our way, we’ll get through,
As long as you and I are together, know this.

Every single moment, with every passing day,
I miss you, even more, I wonder how,
The thought of you, it’s here to stay,
I’ll love you forever as I love you now,
Though you’re miles apart and far away,
I’ll give you my word, a simple vow,
Whatever happens next, come what may,
I’ll stay right by you, the way I am right now.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.


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