Life Goes On.

For all the tears you’ve ever shed,
For every prayer you’ve ever said,
I wish you better, brighter days ahead,
May the grey be replaced by blue instead.
Dear soul so brave, this path you tread,
May it bring you memories to thread.

For every heartbreak you’ve ever known,
I hope your heart has only grown;
For every burden you’ve carried alone,
For all the kindness you’ve ever shown,
May you melt even the coldest hearts of stone
May you ascend your rightful throne.

For every time you’ve fallen down,
Pick yourself up, put on your crown,
May the brightest smile replace your frown,
May all of your fears and worries drown,
May you find joy and love around,
May all the love you seek be found.

I wish you life, I wish you love,
I wish you all the million stars above,
May you get everything you dreamt of–
The sun will feel brighter again,
Let the pain of yesterday go,
Embrace right now, go with the flow.

And when things get out of hands, remember,
Grey skies never last too long.
You’ll be happier again, you’ll heal,
Take every moment you can steal
For life goes on, though we may lose our way,
But tomorrow’s another chance, a new day.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

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