An Unfinished Song.

Thousands of songs that move me,
Only took one to fall in love;
Do you remember how it all began?
I do, clear as the brightest day
When you played a song unfinished,
Asked me if I’d pen it with you, too.
To this day, I hear the melody
Playing over and over in my head.
But I don’t know how it ends,
Never dared to find out—
The answers scare me so.
Perhaps this song never has to end
If we left it untouched, unfinished;
I would like to see where it goes
If we just let it run its course.
Think of all the paths this river could pave,
All the curves and bends on our way
Could, one day, lead us someplace
More beautiful than we’d dare to dream.
Your song on the tip of my tongue,
But my heart is not in it, I wonder why—
Maybe because you took it with you
And it will forever be yours to keep.
And maybe if you found your way back
Into my arms; I’ve been waiting so long,
We could write this song together,
Write our own happily ever after.
Come back to me, my love,
And we shall finish writing this song,
Merging into one voice,
The same mind, two beating hearts—
Together, as has always been,
As will always be.

© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Michael Maasen on Unsplash

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