Take my hand and look into my eyes,
Let’s stay this way for a while,
And tell me with your piercing gaze
How you’ve waited for this very day,
As if nothing ever changed between us,
Perfectly in sync, hearts beating as one.
You look at me like you did then,
Your eyes dive right into my very soul–
Tell me, what is it you look for?
Do you see it in my eyes?
Do you see it in me?
All time has frozen, and it’s just us,
It feels like you were never gone,
But now that you’re by my side,
I know that we’ll be alright.
Something in the way you look at me,
Got me falling for you, head over heels;
Funny how I’ve tried to brush it away,
Like that would have worked!
After all, we really are soulmates,
You said so yourself, I was speechless.
As much I’ve craved to hear those words,
Who could have ever thought
Two unlikely hearts were fated to meet.
Perhaps our stars crossed,
Perhaps it was merely chance,
All I know is I never want to part,
So stay with me,
Just stay.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by brooklyn on Unsplash

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