Let Me Go.

A beauty so enchanting,
I let it crash over me.
Under, I went, eyes closed,
Not putting up a fight,
I let the waves carry me away.
Lost my way, only to find myself,
As I kept sinking to the depths,
I found myself soaring.
Could it take over me?
Could I let myself go?
What is this inexplicable rush,
How am I to know?
As though I’d been asleep,
I’m awake now more than ever–
Hues more vibrant, have never been,
Nor has any music moved me so;
Why, then, do I feel this way?
What has come over me?
I only feel like drowning more,
Giving up on all control,
But I’m, somehow, grounded too.
If this is how it should feel,
I never want to let go.
Let me find myself in bliss,
Let me be consumed,
Let me go.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan

Featured Image by Matt Hardy on Unsplash

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