Inky Soul.

Like a river I let myself flow,
Just as swiftly, changing my course,
A million thoughts
And a couple thousand words
In a span of minute seconds,
Slamming into my very soul,
With the force of an angry sea,
Heavens know if I didn’t feel,
Voices in my head would overwhelm me.
Drenched in emotion,
Panting for breath,
Teardrops and ink mingle
Into my thoughts’ shades of blue,
So much I have to say,
But would it remain between us?
Between me and you?
I could hide these pages away,
Take them with me to my grave,
All my deepest fears and desires dark;
They’ll never see the light of the day.
Or so I’d think, for here I am,
Once again, writing a verse,
Pouring my inky soul on paper,
Watching it seep through.
It never truly leaves you,
You can’t run away,
When you let poetry take over,
There’s neither a way out,
Nor a dull day.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Happy World Poetry Day, everyone!

Featured Image by Bailey Heedick on Unsplash

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