Creativity from Boredom.

I made something beautiful today and I ended up surprising myself because I didn’t think I could make something like this, especially with whatever limited experience I have with the software I used. And then I realized that we all think it’s difficult or impossible until we finally do it. After that, there’s no turning back because you want to explore more. The rush that comes with the feeling of having created something amazing is infectious. It feels like power that you don’t want to give up just yet.

And that is why, today, I want to tell you all to try doing something that you have been putting off for a while now because you didn’t think you could do it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up surprising yourself the way I did today. I took an extra step. I went ahead and animated my digital painting as well because it just felt like the right thing to do, and that didn’t turn out so bad either. And of course, I can feel the creativity just oozing out of me right now. It’s pretty damn cool.

Assuming most people are under lock-down right about now and staying at home, I suggest you take this time to practice your art. No matter what it is. Who knows? You might end up surprising yourself with where your boredom leads you. Inspiration is all around you and in the smallest of things. You could be inspired by the mere idea of something and you could still make something really beautiful out of it. Boredom does lead people into doing amazing things with their time.

I'm so bored

I’m having so much fun seeing all the creativity that’s coming out of all the boredom. I really, really hope I can see more art on my social media timelines because it instantly makes me want to create. Not in a competitive spirit, but it’s more like seeing more art inspires me to create more. In a few days, NaPoWriMo is going to start and my social media is going to be filled with poetry and I am really, really looking forward to all the creativity out there.

Keep at it! You’re all doing amazing!
Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash

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