#NaPoWriMo Day 6: A Different Kind of Soulmate.

We’ve joked about sharing the same mind–
I’ve lost track of who says what,
Of where the hours go by when I’m with you,
Amidst peals of laughter that leaves is in tears,
Clutching our stomachs, doubled over,
Struggling for air because we can’t stop,
I realize we also share ties that bind.

All those time you’ve untangled webs,
The incoherent mess that I have been,
Made sense of all the gibberish I said–
Things nobody else could’ve ever guessed.
They got me thinking if this could be
A bond written by Destiny;
For star-crossed lovers are well overdone,
But perhaps this could be a new story
Of two unlikely souls turned companions.

It feels as though I’ve known you forever,
Since the beginning of all time.
Our conversations like rivers flow,
Together, we’re like gusts of wind;
Things seem better, brighter with you here,
No amount of time spent good enough–
I keep wondering how things could’ve been,
If only you’d come into my life before.
Perhaps we would’ve had more time,
But all that matters in the now
Is having someone like you in my life.

Somehow we always seem to know,
When the other is unravelling, falling,
And somehow we’re always here–
For when I’ve got someone like you,
I know things don’t have to be so bad,
Because somehow you’re always here,
Cheering me on, as I promise I’ll do for you.

Little did I know when we first crossed paths
That you’d end up meaning more than I’d thought–
It makes me love, it makes me believe,
That somewhere, someone for us exists,
Someone we’d cross oceans for.
That the one person who knows me better
Has the one that stood by me all along–
How grateful I am for you!
A soulmate bond that’s never to break,
You, my dearest best friend,
Are a different kind of soulmate.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

For day 6, I decided to deviate from the prompt given and written on a topic I chose for myself. I write a lot about love and soulmates, but the one kind of soulmate that I have never written about in my poems is my best friend. She and I have shared a really strong bond for a very long time and she deserves all the love and appreciation in the world, so I decided to dedicate today’s poem to her. This one’s for you, Kri. Xx

Featured Image by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

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