A Part Of My World.

Come look at the stars with me,
While I hold my breath and look at you—
The sparkle in your eyes so bright,
Gentle breeze caressing your face,
Even in the darkness, you glow,
And if I was in love with you before,
I am now, even more deeply so.

Come walk on the beach with me,
Hand in hand, fingers entwined,
Feet sinking in the sand as my toes curl,
Hoping we were stuck frozen in time,
Unaware as waves crash into us;
Let’s forget about the world for a moment,
Lose ourselves in each other, just because.

Come stroll in a garden with me,
Where no flower could compare to you—
We could find a patch of grass to sit on
And I’d watch the golden sun on your face
As you laugh musically at something I say,
Wondering just how beautiful you can be,
And how luckily, I have you, all to me.

There’s nobody else I’d rather do this with,
Nobody else I want beside me,
So, would you take my hand in yours?
Would you come with me?
Would you be a part of my world?
The wonders of this world seem better
When I picture you right by my side,
So, show me the world through your eyes,
And I’ll show you how it looks through mine.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

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