Let Yourself Be.

To be honest, I feel like a wrung-out sponge right now, in terms of creativity. There is so much going on in the world, it’s taking me longer to process all of the information than it usually would. Let’s be real here, 2020 so far hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk. It has been the kind of roller-coaster that makes your legs wobble, head spin and stomach feel like hurling everything right back out. It hasn’t been easy for any of us. But I wouldn’t so far as to say that we’re all in the same boat because we definitely are not.

this is not the same

I’m in a more privileged position than a lot of people at the moment, to be talking about this in a blog post, that I am typing out from my laptop on a desk, while I sit comfortably at home. For a lot of people out there, this isn’t a privilege they have access to. And I’m pretty sure that there are a handful of others in a more privileged position than me as well. So, no. We’re not all in the same boat! We need to stop trying to tell ourselves that we are because the situations are different.

not at all the same thing

But for some reason, even those of us who are privileged right now are tired. Of speaking up against certain things, or maybe facing some sort of backlash in some cases, being emotionally full to the brim because we don’t have a very healthy outlet for them right now— and as much as I hate to admit that I’m exhausted and bored right now, the truth is that I am. And so are so many of you. We shouldn’t have a reason to be bored, right? With a roof over our heads, enough food, endless Netflix content and high-speed internet?

conceited yeah right

But even that comfort and privilege starts to feel very suffocating after a while. It strips away at a lot of creativity after a while. I know it probably sounds like I’m implying that I do not want to speak up about anything anymore and let me clarify that for you: that’s not it. That’s never going to stop because I will always stand with what’s right. But this exhaustion that so many of us are going through right now is a very loud wake-up call. It’s a reminder that it’s okay if I want to take a short break.


I also know very well that I cannot really stay away from writing because it’s pretty much what keeps me sane and gives me an outlet. It’s that conflict which is wearing me down even more. I want to write. I want to be sketching something beautiful. I want to shoot artsy self-portraits at home. But for whatever reason, I cannot bring myself to do that. I spent three hours in front of my laptop yesterday, trying to come up with a poem, and all I could squeeze out of my brain were 7 abstract lines that probably made no sense.

that makes no sense

I’m sure that a lot of you are going through this dull, incredibly boring, exhausting, uninspired, gloomy time right now and I am here to remind you that it is okay if you want to take a short break and let yourself recover because your mental and emotional health are just as important as you staying physically healthy during these very scary times. If you can’t be creative today, then screw it! Let yourself be. Let the inspiration come to you instead of digging around for it. You don’t have to beat yourself up over something that simply isn’t happening.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, right?
Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Max Delsid on Unsplash

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  1. I am recovering from such a time too. Exhaustion and desolation. 2020 has not been so well but I believe those who shall find order in all this chaos shall make it far in life. We should keep hustling and struggling our way through and stay sane healthy. I loved this post so much. Stay Blogging.

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    1. It has, indeed, been a hard time and it has taken a toll on all of us. We have to remember that this is a period where we’re all trying to stay alive and healthy in spite of the circumstances and not treat it as a vacation. I hope we all make it through this and work past the setback it has brought along with it. And thank you so much; I’m glad you like my post! Xx


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