All Over The Place.

Today is one of those days where my brain is simply refusing to function because I cannot understand how to focus on one particular problem because the entire world is in shambles right now. How does one do everything in their power to pretend as though nothing is going wrong when the world is quite literally burning down, one fire after another? I’m not even wondering how some people are able to peacefully go on about their lives and post aesthetic photos on Instagram, and in short, do everything else instead of actually making themselves us through the privilege of social media.


Those of us who have fairly big accounts on social media try to take a stand and stay on the right side of things simply because we know that we’ve been given a voice that can make a difference. That’s a privilege and we make sure that we can exercise it in the right manner so that we can make whatever little difference to be a part of something that is way bigger than ourselves. I get that people are the liberty of not talking about something if they don’t want to— but I wonder if they ever pause to think about the kind of message it sends out to all the impressionable minds that look up to them.


And because we choose to take a stand, because we choose to stay educated and informed about what’s going on so that we know how to answer to people who try to shut us down, it takes a huge hit on our mental health. Which is all over the place for me, at least. I don’t know how I’m getting through the day without yelling for an hour straight into the void. I have never felt so helpless in the face of the circumstances that the world we live in is going through.

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It falls onto us to speak up. For ourselves, and if not for ourselves, for the people whom we’ll be handing this world over to. And if not for them, then to the silent residents of this world who would never, ever do anything to harm anybody— the flora and fauna. But we’ve failed them spectacularly too, haven’t we? That’s a fire that we’ll never be able to put out. In short, we are ruining this world that we were supposed to cherish and there is no other way to put it.


Everyone keeps telling me that it isn’t my place to worry about such things. But I have a question for you: whose place is it then? If we don’t speak up now, who is? Don’t wait for some big authoritarian figures to weigh in on such things. Don’t wait for them to tell you that it is all ‘okay’ because it isn’t. Nothing is okay. But if enough of us raise our voices, if enough of us say that whatever’s going on isn’t acceptable to us, if we take enough measures to make a difference, there isn’t a force in the world that can stop us.


To those of us who keep fighting and taking a stand against the evils in this world, I am so proud that we are being a sane and united voice. I am proud of everyone who is choosing to unlearn their wrong habits to be better with every passing day. And to those of you who choose to stay silent even after all of this, I have nothing to say to you except for this: when the time comes and you’re forced to take a stand, I hope to God that you choose right.

All jokes and memes aside, it’s time to speak up. It’s time to do better. For all of us.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

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  1. I agree that we can’t stay silent. And we need to let our voices be heard at the ballot box as well. There is a way to effect change.. and that is by getting right-minded and intelligent people into office.

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