Let Them Live.

Today, I came across something that reminded me that this sense of elitism exists in all forms of art. People who have read a lot of classic literature are somehow considered more ‘superior’ to those who prefer contemporary works. There is always a war between people who prefer two different kinds of music. People who like abstract art over more detailed, expressionist art are considered shallow. People who like to watch anything that hasn’t been ‘critically acclaimed’ on Netflix are called ‘basic and boring’ for reasons I neither know nor wish to ever find out. It has become annoying at this point.

Let people live!


Let them enjoy the kind of art they like. Art is subjective for a reason. Every individual is unique and it makes sense for their taste in art to be, as well. I see people spewing so much hate for the forms of art they do not understand, it’s ugly. I get it, it’s not your vibe, but it’s not something you should hate on for no reason at all. Just move on to something you do like instead of starting a war and spreading more toxicity. I hate that I have to spell it out here; it seems like the kind of thing that we should understand anyway.

you dont try to understand

And as far as I know, there is no superior artwork or form. If any kind of complex exists, it is because, we, the people who consume art, have drawn all kinds of lines for art with our inflated egos. Isn’t there enough to worry about in the world already for us to be fighting petty battles over whose art is better? So, somebody doesn’t want to watch an Academy nominated movie because it’s not their thing. Big deal. How is up to any of us to decide whether their taste is superior or inferior?

demi no

This brings me right back round to the kind of hate people hate for art that has originated in a language that they do not understand. I’ve seen people resort to racist, homophobic and xenophobic comments because ‘I can’t even understand what the lyrics/ dialogues are.’ Is that really the kind of toxicity we want to spread in a world that is already in shambles? Maybe it’s not the same for everybody. But with whatever little efforts some of us have made to overcome these ‘language barriers’, it has been so much more than just a learning process.


There is nothing wrong with not liking a certain kind of art. Don’t get me wrong here. But getting on somebody’s case about their choice of art not being ‘superior’ or ‘acclaimed’ enough is just you being a snob. What is looking down upon somebody’s choice of art or style going to accomplish anyway? Instead, we could try keeping a mind open enough to understand how different people like different kinds of things and that they don’t necessarily have to be the same as yours.

It’s pretty simple, really. Live and let live, people!
Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Photo by Federico Fioravanti on Unsplash

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