‘Between the Pages…’

I was super nervous about uploading a journal entry here the other day, but you guys really seemed to like it! Thank you for the enthusiastic response. So, here’s a journal entry from yesterday that I am sharing here because it reminds me of the simpler times when I could go through an entire book in a single sitting. I don’t know what happened to me over the years and why I can’t read at that pace too often these days, but I’ve been getting back to it and I have to say, it feels like one of the best things in the world. I think people who have a love for reading can relate to this one:

“There used to be a time when I could do just about anything with a book in my hand because that’s how engrossed I would be in those pages. More often than not, I would either fall asleep reading or stay awake reading until the morning because the phrases ‘Just another paragraph’, ‘Just another page’ and ‘Just another chapter’ are just lies that I’m sure everybody tells themselves. There is no way anybody actually follows through with it, right? The satisfaction that comes from a good, long book, with plenty of plot-twists and well-written characters is always a feast for my soul. I made it through half of the book, maybe more, I don’t know. But I’m already dreading the moment when I will have completed the book and I’ll have to give myself the time to get over these fictional characters that I keep getting so overly attached to. I know that the minute I finish this book, I’ll have to physically restrain myself from going back and reading the first chapter all over again just so that I can live the story all over again, even if it’s just in my head. Does that even make sense? No, it doesn’t. But I guess that’s the beauty of books. They’ll always be here for me, no matter when I go back to them. The story will reveal something new that I might not have paid attention to before. I might have a different interpretation of it by the time I have finished reading it for the second time. Maybe I will find it in me, someday, to fall in love with a new story and its characters. But right now, I’m only halfway through. There are over a hundred chapters left. Who knows what else is in store for me between these pages? Maybe my stories will make people feel this way someday in the future, but that’s a whole other story!”

Featured Image by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

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