Anywhere But Here.

Echoes of laughter ringing off the walls,
Fading into incoherence as I zone out,
Retreating into my shadowy woods,
My little bubble of solace;
Too many voices, too many words,
But not a single one appealing to me.

Lost in a crowd, tuning voices out,
All these empty smiles and talks too loud,
Not a single one where I belong,
All I am is invisible, a fly on the wall,
Wondering if I make a difference at all,
The world has never felt so small.

If escaping was an option,
I’d be anywhere else but here;
So here I’ll be, drowning in melodies,
Writing my thoughts away, wistfully,
Wishing for a way out,
Drifting away with the tides of my dreams.

Stuck in an endless loop,
No way out in sight,
Frozen on this ground I stand,
Hoping for a familiar voice to follow,
The world keeps moving on,
And all I am is in this never-ending daze.

As faces pass me by in a grey blur,
And I hope for these days to slow down,
A piece of driftwood, lest I drift apart,
Wishing I had somebody to save me;
Tired of being the saviour,
If I chose to let go, would I move on?

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

The prompt I chose to write on, for today, was ‘blur’, and I feel like I have related a lot to the word in the last two days. This is a poem that you can choose to interpret in any way you like, because I like my poems to be open to interpretation anyway. However, I would like to put it out there that this is written based on a feeling that is extremely personal to me, and I am glad that I have an outlet in the form of writing when I need it to be.

Featured Image by Linh Nguyen on Unsplash

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