On The Brink.

Fading into the void,
A little bit of you gone every night,
But I still remember your heavenly light
When you were on the brink,
The last crescent
Before your last goodbye.

A little shard of you,
I wonder if I can keep you all to myself,
But you’ll be immortalized in songs,
In endless pages singing your glory,
And I’ll just be a forgotten memory,
On the brink, still thinking of you.

No melody melancholic enough,
No heartache as painful,
No goodbye as hard as letting you go,
Waking up to cold darkness;
I know we were on the brink,
But I still keep wishing you had stayed.

Staring at the moon in crescent, I wonder,
Love shone the brightest for us back then,
If I’d known, I’d loved harder,
We were only on the brink,
Perhaps we could have been saved;
But all there’s left now is darkness.

I know the moon will appear again,
Living and dying a hundred little times;
I wonder if I’ll be brave enough to love,
To let my walls down and to fall,
I’m on the brink, the edge of the cliff,
Too afraid, too cautious to risk it all.

Perhaps a new story shall unfold,
As the moon steps out of the dark,
A new crescent, brighter than the last;
And I’m on the brink, still falling apart,
Waiting for my crescent to be whole again,
Still wishing I could let it go.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

I asked my friends to give me a bunch of prompts and this is the first one I got. The prompt was ‘crescent’, and it was given to me by Anupriya of Amour Infini Blog (go check out her work, she’s amazing!). I hadn’t planned for this to take the melancholic turn that it did, but I usually let my mind do the work for me when I am writing a poem and I like how this turned out. I hope you guys like reading it as well.

Yours truly,
The Shubhster. Xx

Featured Image by James Peacock on Unsplash

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