Stumbling Around.

I’ve been playing evermore on a loop, these past few days, (who isn’t?) and I have been thinking a lot about these particular lyrics because it’s something I relate to on a very personal level at this point in time:

There is happiness
Past the blood and bruise,
Past the curses and cries,
Beyond the terror in the nightfall…

It's gonna be okay

I mean, I know that the song is about heartbreak and healing, which also resonates with me, but these lines hit home so badly because this is a reminder that things do get better, even if we don’t see a way out of whatever is bothering and hurting us right now. It’s a reminder that you could be over certain things, certain people, certain situations and you can still hurt over the way things ended because you’re just human and you should allow yourself to be sad and heal.

Somebody once told me that the road to recovery, whether it’s from heartbreak or from something major, isn’t linear and that is perfectly fine because sometimes you have to run back a few steps before speeding into a jump. Things will hit you out of nowhere and leave you wondering why you’re sad about something that happened long back, but there’s no real You’re still getting better because you still want to. It’s messy and it’s horribly, cruelly difficult, but at the end of the day, you’re still going to get better.

dont be afraid

We go around trying to convince ourselves that things don’t bother us anymore even when they really do, and I admire the kind of restraint it requires, but the truth is that when we’re hurting, we’re hurting. And when you’re hurt, you tend to the wound because the more you ignore a wound that deep, the more it festers.

People will try to tell you that it’s all in your head and that you need to try and move on from it, but it doesn’t happen that way. In fact, even my writing this shouldn’t be taken as sure-shot advice because I’m just another person who’s stumbling around, trying to figure things out, wondering how certain patterns can be broken. I know nothing and you’re fooling yourself into thinking that reading what I write here is going to give you a solution.

one step at a time

I can’t tell you what to do, but what I can do instead is assure you things do get better. That’s all I can really do and I hope that’s what you want to hear. We’re all dealing with things our own way and sometimes we just need a reminder that we do stand a chance of making it out of whatever woods we’re stranded in.

Go easy on yourself. You got this!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

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