An Open Letter To My Future Self.

Dear me,

Whenever you’re reading this- hi! How have you been? How long has it been since you connected with yourself as much as you’re going to, after you read this? Well, sit down with a bag of your favourite munchies, because something tells me that this is going to be a long one.

So, tell me, are you living the life you hoped for one day? Are you happy? Do you still have those moments where you just sit and stare at the walls because you have no clue what’s happening in your life? Do you regret doing something? Do you take something out of your shelves and just find yourself unable to discard it because of all the memories attached? Have you found ‘The One‘ you were so sure you’d never find?


Well, wherever you are in life, I want you to know that I’m proud of you for having made it this far. Assuming that you took the right decisions but also made mistakes and learnt from them along the way, I’m guessing you’re pretty content with life right now. And if you’re not? It’s never too late to follow your dreams. Pick yourself up, take a deep breath, start over- and don’t give up! That’s just not what you would’ve done.

And no matter what you do, remember to take some time out for yourself, because it’s very important to unwind. Remember that this time is just for you, so you shouldn’t let anyone else take up this slot. Use it to do what you love and reconnect with yourself. Or, you know, just take a nap- I don’t know how tired you are. The point is, use this time to relax. You overthink a lot of things and you need to calm down!


About love; if you’ve found it- great! I’m so glad that you have. I hope you’re really happy with him. And if you haven’t, or have been through a heartbreak- don’t worry. Remember that line from the old Hannah Montana songs that you loved so much? “They say that good things take time…” Well, they do. So, just hang in there. And don’t change who you are as a person just because you fell in love. Love yourself first. But don’t ever give up on love. Love is powerful.

And life? I’ve got nothing to say to you because I’m heading your way and I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen much more than I have. Just follow your heart, like you’ve always done. And don’t ever regret anything. Things happen for a reason and everything that happens to us is a crucial lesson in life. Keep your friends close and always cherish the people you have around you no matter what the situation is.

Just, be yourself.

All my love,

The younger, immature you.


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Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


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