Press Pause.

“Dear Diary,
I’ve been feeling so suffocated lately, and I cannot put a finger on what has gone wrong. I’m not sad. I’m not broken. I’m just… I don’t know what’s going on with me and I wish I could take a break from everything until I figure things out. I mean, my problems are still going to be here when I get back, aren’t they? Maybe I’ll have a solution if I took a breather…”

A few months ago, I took a very, very big step by turning down my admission– something I had worked very hard for. At first, nobody understood why I had done such a reckless thing. How could they, when even I couldn’t realize that a Masters’ degree was not something I wanted?

tenor (3)

Until the very minute that I blurted out loud to my Mum that I wanted to take a sabbatical, I wasn’t convinced that it was exactly what I needed. Trust me, it’s like I lost a tonne off of my chest. Of course, it wasn’t easy. There was a fair bit of conflict from my parents because they didn’t want me to run away from my studies. But in the end, things worked out, and for the better too.

I’m not asking you to take an academic sabbatical just because I did, nor am I asking you to turn down admission into a University that you worked really hard for. All I’m telling you, though, is to take a beat from this demanding, competitive, nasty world because sometimes, circumstances force us to think that whatever is being pushed on us is exactly what we need.

Well, you know better than to believe anything other than your gut.


With stress eating away at a majority of us, it is important that we sit down and take some time out for our mental health. Otherwise, we’re all just going to be high on caffeine, low on sleep, swamped by work and left with little to no time for ourselves.

There is literally nobody stopping you from taking that power nap so that you can rejuvenate and come back with a fresher mind, more focused than before. But hey, what do I know! I’m just a shady person sitting behind a screen somewhere typing all of this out because all I want to do is let people know that it’s okay to show themselves some love.

Maybe you could do little things that make you happy. Watch sappy Rom-Coms and eat raw cookie dough. Take a bus going anywhere. Go sit on the rocks by the beach and let the waves crash over you. Do something reckless, even!


I can’t tell you what you can do to realize that it’s high time you took a breather so that you can work on your mental health; that is something that only you would know. But what I can do, is tell you that it is okay if you ever feel like disappearing off of social media for a while, or if you want to skip that party you absolutely promised your friends you’d go to.

Whatever works for you, hon. If pressing ‘pause’ is something you feel like you need to do today, please do it. I assure you, you’ll see things from a much different perspective when you’re back from your little break.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! I hope you all liked the post! Do share it with somebody who needs to take that break today. Leave me a comment if you liked it. You can also contact me on my socials, links to which are given below (and on my Homepage). I’ll look forward to hearing from all of you. 

Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


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