Breaking Surface.

Tied to the heaviest rock,
Thrown into endless depths below,
Impossible to convince the heart,
The hardest thing ever is to let go.
And somewhere hidden in the corners dark,
There remain pieces of the past behind,
Worn out with time, but etched just the same,
Out of sight, but never out of mind.
Drowned out like those voices inside,
Haunted by the past to this very day;
Escape its clutches, run far, far away,
The ghost of a memory hot on our trails.
All that was kept submerged and subdued,
Breaking surface and lashing out,
Like a storm that couldn’t quell its rage,
Thrashing all around and about.
Buried within and tossed aside,
All that we do in an attempt to hide,
Things we never wish would see the light,
Pushing their way out with all their might,
As though all our struggles were in vain,
And we’re drowning them all over again,
But how do you drown your demons when
They keep breaking surface time and again?

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Well, this really is a far cry from the usual kind of poems I write. But I had this in my head all day and it just feels better to have this out of my system at the moment. We all keep drowning things that we wish we never have to think about, ever again. But sometimes, those very thoughts and feelings keep pushing their way out of us and there’s not really much that we can do about that because it takes time to let go of something that has affected us deeply. That’s partly where this came from.

Featured Image by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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