One good look into the mirror,
I wonder where that person has gone.
No sparkle in those eyes,
Not the slightest hint of a smile,
No mischievous tilt of the head;
All there remains is a blank face,
Empty, but unreadable all the same.

Why do we look for answers we already have?
As though all we need is a heart-to-heart
With the only one who knows us inside and out,
And all we do is take a look within,
Staring in and staring right back,
Two worlds that never collide.

Perhaps, we hide the answers we so seek,
Hidden in the darkest corners of our minds,
Luring and coaxing them out the deep,
Not nearly ready for what we’d find.
The same questions, we ask all over again,
The answers elusive and the search never ends.

If only what was within was easy to find,
But nothing ever is and such is life.
Nothing is ever the way it seems,
So what do my reflections tell me?

Who is the one I look at in the mirror?
What is it that she tells me?
Eyes of molten gold,
Eyes of cold, hard steel,
Staring back into my eyes,
Holding all the answers I seek.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

AN: I have this weird habit of looking into the mirror and talking to myself when I don’t feel particularly motivated because it has always helped me break out of that slump. It is mostly a personal experience and I don’t really know if it works for everyone, but it is worth a go, I guess.

Featured Image by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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