The Same, Old Songs.

The sun peeks in through the drapes,
The same, old song on a new day,
Countless new songs walked in and out,
But the same, old song always stayed.

Songs we’d once say sweet nothings to,
Humming in whispers as we danced away,
The same, old songs stuck around,
But you never did—
You walked away.

Songs we’d sing without a care in the world,
Bittersweet remnants of golden days,
No memory of those laughs, nor voices,
The same, old song remains,
Etched as clear as day.

Songs we’d call a sliver of peace,
Rays of hope of on our darkest days,
Somehow carved out a place in our hearts,
Eyes fight back inevitable tears,
The same, old songs still play.

Songs we’d paint pictures to,
Saving moments that we hold most dear
In distant memories and forgotten dreams,
The same, old songs play all day,
On a loop, endlessly.

Songs that once we held dear,
Songs that have now faded away;
The same, old songs, but a million things,
Some treasured, some outgrown,
All dear, just the same.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

I was wondering how songs I once loved dearly no longer mean the same to me because I now associate them to things that are in stark contrast with things I once associated them with. Songs end up changing their meaning and place in our lives as we grow up. Some stay the same, some serve as a safe-haven when we need a little bit of peace, and some others no longer have a place in our hearts the way they used to. I think it’s a beautiful thing to write about and there is so much more to be explored here, but this drabble is what I offer to you today. I hope you liked reading it.

Featured Image by Giovanni Randisi on Unsplash

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