One Too Many Falls.

Pages filled with priceless memories burned
As we warmed our cold hearts by the fire,
Fell into a heap of ashes on the floor,
Heartbeats silent with our souls long gone,
Promises so foolish and empty,
You could hear the naiveté of it all,
But all rationality goes out the window
Crashing and burning, we fall and we fall.

The end was so near, we were so blind,
Lost in the constellations of each others’ eyes,
Stars we would have once hung up in the sky,
All there’s left now is a burning fire,
There’s hurt and there’s anger like there’d never been,
We could have written a story so beautiful,
But we crashed and burned, going up in flames,
And now we’re a story never to be heard again.

Colours we painted have faded now,
Washed by our tears a dull grey,
Hearts all bled out and withered to dust,
And ghosts of our laughs haunt the roads we walked—
Bruised and broken, pieces gone,
Scars still healing and barely there,
Cursing names and walking the other way,
Wondering if it gets better someday.

Lies we tell each other and ourselves,
Falling apart on the inside, again and again,
Looking for warmth in all the wrong places,
Falling into all the wrong arms,
We crash and burn and stumble about,
Looking for a way out of the dark;
Putting pieces back together,
Still nursing bruises from one too many falls.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Phew. That got a little too angsty than I wanted for it to be. But I am so happy with how this poem turned out, so I hope you guys liked reading it! I think we’ve all been through something similar in our lives and I think that poetry has been very helpful to me, as an outlet, lately. I’m just glad I get to write every day because it helps me keep my head clear on most days. Here’s to more!
Yours truly,
The Shubhster! Xx

Featured Image by Isi Parente on Unsplash

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