10 Songs You Can Relax to.

Sometimes, all we want to do is put on some slow and soothing music after (or during) a mentally stressful day, just to remind ourselves that the sun will rise again tomorrow and we can try once more. The last time I put up a few songs from my feel-good playlist here (part 1 and part 2), I got a lot of positive response from you.


I truly believe that music brings people closer and that it’s a window to who they really are deep inside because we all attach ourselves to things that we consciously or subconsciously relate to. So I decided to put up 10 songs that help me calm down in the hopes that some of these can help you on a rainy day.

1. Hello Seattle- Owl City
Owl City has always been my go-to whenever I have needed to reset and slow down because of the sweet, soothing music that feels like a warm hug on a cold day. I can think of no better way to put it into words. This song became a part of me when I was 14 and 8 years later, I still feel as relaxed as I would in a cushy bean-bag.

2. Lose You to Love Me- Selena Gomez 
This song is the most recent addition to my playlist and it’s already so close to my heart. There is so much pain behind this song and it’s everything a song about learning to love yourself again needs to be, especially when you’ve been hurt over and over in the past. I don’t have enough words to praise this song.

3. Scars to Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara 
Instagram and glossy, Photoshopped and airbrushed magazines have given everybody, all over the world, inferiority complex and body image issues to last a lifetime. For some reason, we are forced to believe that there is only one definition to beautiful because it’s what we see everywhere. I’ve struggled with body image issues for a long time, and this song has helped me every time.

4. Alone- Alan Walker 
If you are feeling alone right now, please listen to this song. All but a few of my friends live in completely different cities and I often feel like I miss out on the whole normal friendship thing. But I know when push comes to shove, I’ll always have these people in my life because they’ve stuck by me for so long. This song is a reminder.

5. Daylight- Taylor Swift 
If I had to pick, I would the entire album ‘Lover’ because the songs in this album are love in its purest form (just like the name suggests). But this is the song that shows how our definitions of love can change over time, as we grow older and wiser. This is the song that tells us that we’re ‘defined by the things (I) love, not the things (I) hate’ because that’s how it should be.

6. breathin- Ariana Grande 
This song is the sum total of my playlist for relaxing. Right from the beginning to the end, this song is about reminding yourself to keep going whenever and especially when you feel like things are falling apart. We might have bad days, but little reminders like this can go a long way.

7. Never Say Never- The Fray 
This is one of the most underrated songs of all time. This is a song I turn to when things aren’t going too well. If you feel like you need a sign to hold on, this is it. If you’ve never heard this song before, you simply have to. I hope it brings you the kind of comfort it brought me.

8. If Only- Dove Cameron 
This is the song to go to if you ever feel conflicted about something. Disney has always stepped up with some of the most beautiful soundtracks and this song from ‘Descendants’ happens to be very close to my heart for the beautiful melody and soulful voice of Dove Cameron complementing the emotion behind the song itself.

9. A Drop in the Ocean- Ron Pope 
Some of the most beautiful songs are hidden away as soundtracks in movies and TV shows that we don’t really pay too much attention to. I stumbled across a few lines from this song in some episode of The Vampire Diaries and my curiosity did not disappoint me. I love listening to this song with my eyes closed; if I drown myself in a song, this would be it.

10. City of Stars- Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone 
The piano, the slow but somehow still foot-tapping rhythm of the song, the beautiful vocals— I love everything about this song and I can see why it’s so widely loved. I remember my best friend playing this song when we went trekking early in the morning, and for that very reason, this song calms me down. I hope it helps you too.

I know that some days demand slow and soulful songs that can be played to the background pitter-patter of rain, staying under a warm blanket and simply just letting yourself breathe after whatever kind of exhaustion you are going through. I hope these songs help you do so the way they have helped me.


Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Alice Moore on Unsplash

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