End of the Tunnel.

They told us “Happiness can be found,
Even in the darkest of times,
If one only remembers to turn on the light,”
But they never told us how to hold on
To the hope that leads the way
Out of the deepest trenches of despair—
How does one find a smile amidst tears?
How does one figure out this maze?
I’ve looked within, I’ve looked around,
But the light still evades me.
Every day is an uphill battle,
One that to the end we’ll see.
Every warrior I know has sharpened blades,
Filled quivers with arrows,
Picked up their pace.
The clouds of war have been above us,
Hanging lower with every moon,
The winds are shifting, the tides a-changing,
A storm is coming,
And we don’t know a way out.
So we cherish what we can,
In the little time that we can spare,
Someday soon, we’ll not only survive,
Not just persevere, but thrive.
But until we find a way to peace,
A way out of this labyrinth,
We’ll find a way back to who we once were,
A way back to all that truly matters,
Until then we hold on to what we can
To get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

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