Writer of Dreams.

Stardust and the glowing moon
Cascading down in gossamer rays,
Nothing compares to this ethereal grace
Shedding their light, a soothing embrace.
I feel powerful, I feel in tune,
Sky feels like the limit tonight.

Eyes so wide awake,
The world around a slow blur,
Reality dawns as I stir,
A light sleeper, but a heavy dreamer,
Holding on to dreams well into daybreak,
The magic is in me, the magic is me.

The world has shifted somehow,
Life seems louder and brighter,
My heart feels lighter,
My grip on reality seems tighter,
The possibilities seem endless now—
Dreams have never felt more real.

Life goes on, we find our way,
Some of us stumbling,
Some others right away,
But if the magic was me all along,
Maybe my dreams are true
And they’re here to stay.

The Universe is within you,
Just as you are within,
You’re a spell enchanting,
You’re made of outer space—
What, then, makes you feel unworthy?
Darling, you’re the writer of your dreams.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri on Unsplash

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