Rock Bottom.

Was there ever a time in your lives when you felt as if the whole universe was conspiring against you and every colour seemed stripped of three shades? But it’s okay. The fact that you’re reading this right now means that you held on to that one tiny positive thing in your life- call it your emotional touchstone or whatever- and you made it! You lived to see this day. I can’t promise you that things will only go uphill in your life all the time. But think of it this way- you’ve battled so many metaphorical demons that you are now strong enough to face any kind of difficulty all by yourself.

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Sure, everyone’s fighting a different kind of demon. But come to think of it, we’re all doing the same thing; we’re trying to get better. All we want is to feel alive again. This is where things start getting tricky. There are just so many emotions blowing up inside of us, as though a giant barrel of glitter just exploded; we can’t possibly keep all these emotions in check. It’s what I imagine to be like transitioning into a Vampire- every emotion is heightened, we can’t initially control it, but we’ll eventually learn.

But how do we rise from the ashes like a phoenix?


First of all, and I hate to tell you this, there are no shortcuts. I will not sugarcoat things for you. It’s going to hurt, whatever you’re going through. But whether you choose to take the road to recovery or not is totally up to you.

I got inked recently and the first aftercare tip I was given was to treat my tattoo like a wound for a month. How is this related to recovery? Well, when we get wounded, we bleed. That blood coagulates and the wound starts healing. But, if we keep picking on the wound, we hinder the healing process and recovery takes longer. Treat your problems like fresh wounds. You’re going to feel the pain for a while, but it will make you stronger and you will heal. Keep fixating on your problems, and they’ll probably just get bigger. It’s best to let it go.


Get rid of anything and anyone who gives you nothing but negative vibes. You’ve got nothing to lose by walking away from people who drain the happiness and positivity out of you. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who support you and who are not afraid to tell you things as they are- people who will stand by you through thick and thin.

Give yourself some time. Cry if you want to. Go ahead and ignore the heck out of that ‘friend’ who keeps telling you that ‘crying is for the weak’. Cry, wash your face, eat a big tub of ice-cream and sleep. No one expects you to gather yourself overnight. Take as much time as you need, keeping in mind that you have a whole life waiting in front of you and that things will get better. You’ll make it out of whatever mess you’re in, I promise you that.


TL; DR, if you face any kind of setback in your life, don’t sit in a corner and watch the rest of your life go by, and definitely don’t think that it’s the end of your hopes and dreams. It’s never too late to start over again. And should you ever have a time where you feel like you’ve hit the rock bottom, remember that the only way you can go now is upwards. All you need to do is to heal and start working your way to the top.

Oh, and the most important thing? Always be positive and hold on to hope. You’re amazing, you’re loved, and you’re way stronger than you think you are!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


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