It’s Not That Complicated.

Back in high school, after all the lab practicals, we were made to write down our observations in our journals. I used to love the whole process until it all started to look like a chore that drained me out. Quite honestly, it got very pointless after a while because they made us write the same thing in two different journals. That, multiplied by the 3 subjects I majored in equals 6 journals, 3 of which were just pointlessly made copies that nobody cared to even look at on the day of submission.


I thought I was done with science journals maybe forever but 5 years later, here I am doing it all over again for my brother who shouldn’t have to spend his time on something pointless like copied science journals when he could be preparing for all the big exams he’s going to be giving this year. And to be frank, I don’t feel like it’s such a task anymore. I couldn’t understand what had changed until I realized that back in high school, I rediscovered my passion for the arts and science didn’t seem like what I wanted to pursue anymore. I was trying to run away from it then, now I have nothing to run away from, so writing science journals doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

amy poehler

Why am I talking about science journals all of a sudden, you ask? It’s because I realized that sometimes, the things we run away from aren’t really as complicated as we think. Our minds have the ability to blow things completely out of proportion, make a mountain out of a mole-hill simply because we will do just about anything to talk ourselves out of doing something. But the minute we actually say ‘Screw it!’ and decide to just do something to get it over with, we realize how stupid we were to take this long to complete a task which was pretty simple.



That interview or exam that you think you botched, that piece of art that you never feel like is complete enough to be out there in the world, that person you’re so scared to talk to because you are worried you’ll make a complete fool of yourself in front of them— really not that complicated. They all begin with a simple step. A step that we’re all scared to take, no matter how well we’re doing for ourselves. I used to think that the grownups around me knew what they’re doing, but turns out, nobody ever is ready to jump into things. The only way they know if it’s a good idea is when they dive right into it.

typing furiously

I’d be rolling in money if I had a penny for every time I said ‘Well, that went better than I thought!’ and I’m pretty sure that the same thing goes for a lot of you as well. Trust me, you’re going to feel a lot more relieved once you just get whatever you’ve been putting off done with. I get it! I get that you’d much rather run away from doing something simply because it’s easier that way. But nothing can ever compare to the satisfaction of having completed a task that you’ve been putting off for so long. Arguably, one of the best feelings ever!

tenor (14)

I can already hear people saying ‘You got all that from writing a science journal?’ and the answer is yes. Yes, I did! I don’t know how that works but inspiration and the Universe work in mysterious ways. And right now, it’s telling me that maybe stuff isn’t as complicated as it looks on the surface. I may not be able to convince you that things are as easy as this post makes them seem, but what I can do is give you hope. I can tell you that maybe you’re better than you think.

Just give it a go. What do you have to lose, anyway? If anything, you’ll have a great story to tell someday.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

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