Silver Linings.

I haven’t seen the sun in days,
The skies are a grim, grave, grey,
Time barely seems to pass by,
This Hellish spiral taking us nowhere,
But why do I still see the light?
Victory seems closer now
More than it ever did yesterday.
Although these winding roads are rough
We’ll walk them, come what may.
What is this silver lining you speak of?
I don’t see them in the clouds.
Perhaps they’ve been buried deep under,
Like the demons we thought we dealt with.
But they didn’t go away, did they?
We only pushed them away
Further every day,
Until they couldn’t find their way
Back to where they stood in power.
Tomorrow will be better,
The clouds will clear out,
Our lurking demons we shall overcome,
What’s ours we shall take back.
Perhaps we’re the silver lining,
Perhaps we’re the revolution,
Perhaps we’re the hidden sun—
We’re almost there, we are,
And not a soul strong enough to stop us.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Łukasz Łada on Unsplash

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